DHC AE5000PS 12V / 50 Amp Switching Power, Power Supply & Battery Charger

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Power Supply/Battery Charger/ Maintainer.

  • 2V Switching Power 50 Amp Power Supply & Battery Charger (Adjustable charging current from 1 Amp to 50 Amp), Ideal Charger for Garage, Workshop and Battery Shop / Distributor
  • Input AC Voltage : 120~240Vac
  • Application : 12V SLI/VRLA/GEL/AGM, CAL/CAL, AGM SPIRAL START-STOP Lead Acid Batteries
  • Charger Technology : Intelligent Switching Power Battery Charger
  • Charge Current (Max.) : 50 Amp
  • Power Supply Voltage : 14V
  • Indicators : 2 Lines LCM & 4 Digital LEDs
  • Safety & Protection Design : Over-current, Over-temperature, Over-voltage 
  • Features : Input, Auto-polarity & spark free protection, Microprocessor controlled, Maximum ampere output : 50 Amp, On/Off switch
  • Dimension : L370 x W230 x H95 (mm)

AE5000PS is a smart charger.
The microprocessor will charge/maintain a battery with the best setup.

Desulfation: Saves a deeply discharged or a lightly sulfated battery for recovery.

Fast charge: Charges battery to 75% in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Absorption: When the battery reaches 75% charge, the charger output constantly with high voltage small current to 90% in safe manner.

Equalisation: When the battery reaches 90% charge, the charger starts a charge pulse with a smaller current to fully charge in safe manner.

Top off: Fully charge the battery without overcharging the battery. Maintenance: Maintains the battery in a full state of charge.


Model No.


Voltage AC

120 – 240 Vac


Output Current

15 Amp & 30 Amp

Power Supply

Output Voltage

13V 〜15V

(Adjustable voltage setting, 0.1V per step)

Output Current

50 Amp (Max.)

DC cable

Insulation protection on

clamps and detachable cables for easy field service

Dimensions (mm)

L334 x W200 x H102


5.1 Kgs