Autocom Security Gateway

Today’s vehicles contain huge amounts of electronic data and that information needs to be protected from potential cyberattacks and hacking. Illegal intrusion into a vehicle’s safety system can cause malfunctions and affect safety functions. Worst case, it could lead to fatal accidents on the roads.

Many vehicle manufacturers have started protecting their vehicles with diagnostic Security Gateway (SGW) and firewalls to prevent unauthorized access. The number of vehicle manufacturers that use SGW will increase.

Autocom Security Gateway can access locked vehicles

To be able to perform diagnosis on SGW-locked vehicles you need a diagnostic tool from an approved and OEM-certified supplier. Autocom is both approved and certified.

By using our diagnostic tool ICON, you can seamless erase fault codes, activate components or adjust and perform functions like service light reset on SGW-locked vehicles

In our first edition of SGW, we are approved and certified by Mercedes-Benz. Several car brands will be continuously added to our solution, such as all affected FCA vehicles, VAG and Renault.

The number of accessible SGW-locked vehicles will increase in our software continuously. It is therefore important to keep the license valid at all times.

Benefits for the workshop

With Autocom’s SGW solution, you have the opportunity to diagnose locked vehicles. Easy, legal, fast and seamless.

  • Access to the SGW-vehicles that otherwise are locked
  • Safe and OEM-certified solution
  • Get correctly provided data from OEM
  • Being able to perform service on more vehicles
  • Access to more data
  • Legal, quick and seamless diagnosis