About Us


We are a dynamic team, focused on automotive technology and how to improve problem solving in the general workshop.

We have seen how technology has been implemented in even the most basic vehicles found on our roads today.

We strive to improve our knowledge so that we can assist our customers from day to day.

We also believe that Diagnostic Equipment is only 50% of the solution, and Technical Data is the other 50%, which completes your repair and maintenance ability in the workshop.. 

We strive to supply the correct diagnostic equipment and technical information in basic vehicle repair and have 32 passionate years of experience, and serving the motoring fraternity.

Our ongoing training policy every a year, is to keep ourselves up to date with new vehicle technologies.

You, now benefit from our knowledge and training.

We strive to select the correct product for the right application at the most cost efficient way, for your business.

Autotronics is privileged to be selected as the exclusive suppliers of Autocom products in South Africa.

However the other major products we supply is Autodata Technical information, Autocom,  Autel, Bosch, Carmen, Ultra Tune, DHC battery testing systems, Carbon Zapp and Launch X-431 Diagnostic products.

For Your Peace of Mind:

We are a SARS VAT registered company and can issue you with a current “Tax Clearance Certificate” as we do supply SAP and Cape Town City Council.

We are also privilege to be the preferred supplier to varies large  Bosch affiliated franchise.

Being in the diagnostic field for 32 years have taught us a few things, and we are happy to pass them on to your workshop.  

We also have our own repair workshop should your unit unlikely fail. Spares are kept should you loose a plug or damage a cable.

Often loan units are supplied, should your unit have been bought from us. You will not be out of action, when your unit is out of action. 

Buying equipment is easy, but being shown how it works correctly is another….

We know how cars work and how to get the best from your new equipment…

It’s easier to explain price once, than to apologize for quality forever.

-Zig Ziglar.

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