Autodata Technical Repair Information

One of the most popular and reliable technical vehicle help systems on the market…

Autodata’s mission is to be the most innovative, accurate and respected supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket industry. Established in 1975 they are the trusted world leaders in providing technical information.

Official Autodata distr

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The New Autodata provides information systems which cover technical information for cars, light commercials.

    • OE technical information for 34,000 models from 142 manufacturers
    • Covers 99% of vehicles on the road
    • 92,000 wiring diagrams and illustrations
    • 600,000 technical step-by-step procedures
  • 46,500 vehicle updates took place in the last 12 months

Covering over 34,000 models, researched from 142 vehicle manufacturers, giving you more than 92 000 diagrams, and over 600 000 step by step procedures, and these systems ensure professional workshops have access to the most accurate, relevant and up-to-date manufacturers information needed for full service, repair and diagnostic work in the shortest possible time.

New Autodata works across multiple platforms and operating systems:


Autodata’s online subscription is the best technical information that one can use in a modern day workshop for only R 56.67 Incl. VAT per day for the FULL house version.

Can you afford this peace of mind?

Can you afford to be without it?

A) It is divided into two main categories which are the following:

Service & Maintenance..         or        Diagnostics & Repair..

B) Then you decide on  how many users would be using the subscription..

 One User..     or         Two Users..        or        Five Users..

Remember you can Upgrade at any time….!

 Items found in the New Autodata Online Version:..

Diagnostic & Repair Features:

Service guides

Manufacturers’ schedules
Indicator reset
Service air conditioning
Engine oil module

Maintenance procedures

Drive belts/chains replacement
Electric parking brake release
Key programming
Jacking mode
Change brakes

Technical specifications

Tyres, brakes and wheel alignment
Fluids, lubricants and tightening torques
Repair times

Diagnostic and troubleshooting

Wiring diagrams, fuse boxes and relays
DTC troubleshooting
Control module pin data
Electronic component locations
Component testing
Known fixes and bulletins

Vehicle systems and repair information

Engine management
Diesel exhaust gas after treatment
Air conditioning

Service & Maintenance only covers, Service Guides, Maintenance procedures and Technical Specifications.. 

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Important Items to consider when purchasing this product:..

  • You must have a ADSL / DSL internet connection….or a device with WiFi and a data connection.
  • You would typically login in the morning and leave it connected for the day.
  • Your subscription runs from the day you create a password, till the end of 364 days.
  • Your subscription will Auto Renew after that period and you will be emailed with a reminder 30 days before it’s expiry date. However we require payment before the expiry date, to seamlessly provide you with our service.
  • Please inform us before your subscription ends if you would like to upgrade it, or in the unlikely event you might want to even cancel it..
  • You may also downgrade your subscription once your year is completed if finances are tight..
  • You can use a single subscription on multiple devices, however you would typically have to log out of the original device.
  • Also remember you can even use your iPhone or Android phone to login and lookup information. So breakdowns become a breeze..
  • Remember no more CD’s are sold, and if you been offered it then it is not the original are on your own..