Autodata Used in TPMSGET A GRIP – THE ULTIMATE TYRE BREAKDOWN FROM AUTODATA When it comes to routine maintenance, tyres are the vehicle component consumers feel most able to handle themselves. However, tyre condition is also an important and frequently nuanced part of any service. Spotting the warning signs of ageing or damaged tyres can be […]

Autocom Security Gateway

Autocom ICON-sky-lowres-768x889

Today’s vehicles contain huge amounts of electronic data and that information needs to be protected from potential cyberattacks and hacking. Illegal intrusion into a vehicle’s safety system can cause malfunctions and affect safety functions. Worst case, it could lead to fatal accidents on the roads. Many vehicle manufacturers have started protecting their vehicles with diagnostic […]



As a workshop owner, you know that technical training is an essential part of running your business. You also know that traditional face-to-face training can be inconvenient to attend, expensive and technicians often forget what they’ve learnt within a few days. There must be a better way! Introducing Autodata Training – high-quality, video-based technical training presented […]

New to Autodata CARS and Vans- February 2021


As a large part of Autodata’s ongoing development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop, we provide monthly updates to bring you the latest vehicle models, manufacturer updates of technical information, as well as Autodata’s newest modules and feature enhancements. NEW TO AUTODATA FOR CARS AND VANS 2021  1,156 technical updates were recently loaded to Autodata, including repair times, battery procedures, service schedules, Tyre Pressure Monitoring […]



Autodata typically sees most use of the Service Air Conditioning module from early May through to late August with a peak in late June. However, with the changing climate threatening to deliver higher temperatures throughout the year, the length of time customers will be keeping their air conditioning on is likely to increase – and […]

Launch Pro vs Thinkcar

Launch Pro

So the new kid on the block is the Thinkcar group based in California USA and have been told it is a tactical move on the Chinese group to prevent banning similar to Huawei. So I ordered a Thinkdiag dongle on Amazon and once it arrived it was the two year update version. Then I […]

Launch Pro Version 4

Launch Pro V4

Our new arrival from Launch is the forth edition of the Pro series. Great layout with dongle storage in the housing. New metal dongle which is nice and small and does the job. Magic program layout and easy to use for a novice diagnostic expert. Easy layout for little or no teaching needed. A complete […]