Autotronic BM-2 Blue Tooth 4.0 Battery Monitor/Tester..R 895.00 Incl.

R430,43 Excl VAT

Check battery state on cell phone APP via Bluetooth 4.0 when device is installed on battery.

Use for: All 12V Vehicle Batteries.

Available For the following devices:

  • Android: 4.3 and later Android
  • iPhone: 4S and later IOS
  • iPad: iPad3 and later IOS

Suitable for:

  • DIY users, on Classic Cars, Motorbikes, ATV, Jetski’s, 4×4 second batteries, caravans, generators, etc.
  • Vehicles in storage or on standby…
  • Battery service station
  • Garage/workshop
  • Tool store
  • Vehicle/Battery manufacturer


Battery Monitor Main Features:

  • Receive notification of battery conditions when enter Blue Tooth range.
  • Battery Monitor, check battery state on cell phone.
  • Check starting system and charging system (alternator);
  • List the time of each driving;
  • Alert mobile phone if some data abnormal;
  • Review voltage history in graph mode;
  • Short-circuit and reverse connection protection
  • Data stored in device up to 35days if out of sync
  • Ultra-low power consumption, average current: 1.0 mA;
  • Connect with battery directly, no code
  • Free app for iOS & Android users;
  • Compatible with all 12-volt vehicle batteries;
  • Voltage: 9-16V
  • Temp: -40-85C
  • Multi Unit connections..

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