DHC 12 Volt AutoExact 1.5 Amp Switching Power, Digital Processing Battery Charger / Maintainer.

R 925.00 Excl VAT

DHC –AE150,  AutoExact 12 Volt, 1.5 Amp battery charger and maintainer. 

Energy Saving:  Up To 30%

Time Saving:      1.5 Times Faster Charging

Boys with toys need this charger to keep the batteries of your Quad, boat, Adventure bike or classic cars, battery at peak during the winter season.

This 5 stage pulse charging mode will switch off when not required and keep your toys ready for next season.

Water Resistant. Dust / Splash / Rain protection. Microprocessor controlled 5 stage charging.

Switches to float mode automatically after speed charging.

Charge and maintain batteries simultaneously.

Auto polarity and spark free clamps.

Over charging protection.

Optimizes battery performance.






DHC – AutoExact AE150 – 5 Stage charger specifications:

  • Desulfation

  • Fast Charge

  • Equalization

  • Top-Off

  • Maintenance

Product Description


AC Voltage: 220 – 240 Volt

Charging Current:  1.5 Amp

Application: 12 Volt…SLI / VRLA / GEL / AGM / CAL / CAL & Spiral Batteries.

Features: IP 65 Water Resistant, Dust and Splash / Rain Protected / Auto Polarity / Spark Free / Over Charge Protection

Dimensions: L170 x W73 x H48 mm