DHC 4 Station, 5 Amp Battery Charger / Maintainer SCM54E

R 4,225.00 Excl VAT

DHC, 4 Station, 5 Amp, 12 Volt Charger / Maintainer….

This very popular bank charger has four outputs allowing you to charge a few batteries at the same time. No buzz bar effect when one battery has a dead short not allowing the others to charge.

Four clever outputs which test the battery before trying to charge them… If it is faulty then the unit will protect itself and let you know.

Five stages of charging takes place and once full will just go into maintain phase. All types of batteries can be charged as each charging cell works separately.  This allows you to charge Gel, spiral, AGM, Cal all at the same time.



  • Auto Speed charge
  • Switches to float mode once battery is charged.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • 4 individual removable charge leads
  • Charges and maintains multiple batteries at the same time..
  • Auto polarity and spark free and over charge protection
  • Optimizes battery performance..