Launch CNC 402/602 Multi Port Vehicle Petrol Injector testing and cleaning unit with Ultra Sonic

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Launch CNC Range of injector cleaners.

-Injector Cleaning & Diagnostics: Not sure if that injector is really bad?

Simply test it with “See The Spray” Diagnostics and restore to like new performance with the X-SonicClean Ultrasonic cleaner.
-Spray Pattern Testing & Evaluation: Visually monitor/ evaluate spray patterns & accurately measure injector delivery to correctly diagnose the condition & performance of the injectors.
-Injection Flow & Volume Test: Measure & compare the volume & flow of each injector via graduated cylinders.  Match injectors for peak performance.
-Auto Test: Computerized test sequence utilizing variable RPM and  Pulse width to simulate true conditions (Acceleration, Deceleration & Idle phases).
-Ultrasonic Cleaning:  Injectors are pulsed during the Ultrasonic cleaning process removing all carbon deposits, rust and contaminates.
-Injector Leak Down Test: Test and verify leaky injectors under operating pressure. Visually check for dribble.
-Injector “Reverse Flush” Cleaning: Completely back flush injectors, removing any internal contaminates while cleaning screens & baskets on top feed injectors.



Launch CNC402A units sells for….R 18 850.00 Excl.   four cylinder testing at one time.

Launch CNC602A unit sells for …..R 21 850.00 Excl.  six cylinder testing at one time.

Launch CNC601A unit Cabinet Base sells for ……R 28 995.00 Excl.  six cylinder also..

-Digital fuel pressure control offers stable pressure control and a large adjustable range, suitable for all EFI vehicles up to 150psi /10.71 Bar
-Computerized control and display simplifies cleaning, testing & evaluating injectors.
-Automatic fuel drain feature allows for Test Fluid to be easily drained by pushing a button on the control panel
-Internal micron filter effectively removes debris during fuel rail flushing and other functions
-Simplified user interface with selectable RPM and pulse width
-Built-in glycerin filled pressure gauge, membrane keypad and audible beep alerts
-The X-SonicCleanBT comes with a one year warranty