Launch TPMS X-431 TSGUN bluetooth tool for Pad and Pro series, Tyre pressure Monitor System Programmer

R3495,00 Excl VAT

Launch X-431 TSGUN | TPMS Programmer | X-431 Integrated Accessory

With a greater number of vehicles requiring TPMS programming and an increase in the number of people adding TPMS sensors to vehicles, a tool like the Launch TSGUN is an indispensable tool in the modern workshop. Designed to work seamlessly with the X431 range, the TSGUN allows you to read, program, and activate TPMS sensors – both OEM and aftermarket.


Functions & Features

  • Sensor Activation
  • Read/Write sensors
  • Tyre Pressure Fault Detection
  • Sensor Learning and Programing


1. 1.77-inch color screen
2. Instantly read tire pressure, tire temperature, and battery status
3. Diagnose tire pressure fault, including reading DTC, clear DTC, etc.
4. Activate and match all 315MHz or 433MHz sensors
5. Read, copy and write the sensor ID quickly
6. Reprogram LAUNCH sensors with unlimited times
7. Built-in tire pressure learning instruction makes operation easier
8. Cover 98% of global vehicles with a tyre pressure system


The TSGUN is compatible with the X431 series from Launch, including the following:

  • X431 Pro
  • X431 Pro3
  • X431 Pad V