New Autel PS100 Power Scan Automotive Circuit Tester including scope

R 1,738.26 Excl VAT

New Autel PS100 Power Scan intelli Probe….Now Back in Stock …….

 Every now and again we see a much needed improved product which rewrites the rules. If you like the standard Intelli Power probe, you will love this tool.

This new Autel PS100 Power probe has it all, and just not an improved probe but a high density LCD display that has a built in scope function. Yes correct, you can now probe sensors and get a visual scope pattern on the probe.

This little gem has DC Voltage, AC Voltage and even a Ohm meter built into one practical piece of diagnostic testing probe. Wave forms like cam sensor, crank sensor, fuel injectors are just a breeze now.

We also have the standard features like a digital display of DC voltage including audio pitch, being negative or positive and the LCD turns red and green depending on the polarity of the test wire.

Switch the unit to AC voltage and you are presented with a scope which gives a live picture and further information like Min and Max Voltage and Frequency plus Duty Cycle. All this built into one small test tool. Remember this tool you can feed power being positive or negative to test components and read any measurement from any wire including voltage and resistance.

This unit is Airbag safe if left in the testing mode.

The powerscan tool is the most revolutionary circuit tester to date. Features AVOmeter, test light, and built in flashlight, short circuit tester relay / component tester and bad ground indicator.



  • Performs power injection, polarity checks, continuity testing, ground testing and component activation.
  • Easy to read AVOmeter.
  • Switching positive and negative in one quick action.
  • Instantly identifies positive and negative  power source.
  • Circuit breaker protection.
  • Built in flashlight.
  • Audio tone when readings are taking place. Tone identifiable sound.
  • 5 Meter Extension included up and above the original long cable.
  • Extremely easy to use.


  • TFT colour display (160 x 128 Dpi)
  • DC Voltage range: 0 – 65 Volts Only.
  • Resistance range: 0 – 200 K Ohms
  • Frequency Range: 0 – 10 Khz.
  • Circuit Breaker: 1 -10 Amp Load
  • External Power: 12 – 24 Volts DC provided by vehicle battery.
  • Length: 126 mm x Width: 46.5 mm x Height: 35 mm

Accessories Included:

  • User Manual
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor
  • Battery connection clamps
  • Probe tip
  • 20 Ft extension cable.
  • Comes complete in a rugged blow mould case.