Euro 2 – Post Base Free 3.500 Kg Ton Lift.

R 32,250.00 Excl VAT

Euro 2 – Post Base Free Lift 3500Kg, 220 Volt Hydraulic units.

Model: QJY235D-E  —2 – Post Lift.

Ever popular 2 – post base free lift for general workshop use. These lifts are for under cover work and not designed for out door installations. 

Price below do not include transport, fitting and electrical connection. These are for your account and we can recommend certain installers to help.

We can include fitting but it would be approx R 1 850.00 Excl. but only within the western Cape Area. This side of the mountain range. All spares and support is available should it in the unlikely even be necessary.



Lifting Capacity:    3500 Kg

Stroke:                       1834 mm

Overall height:        3764 mm

Overall Width:          3433 mm

Drive Through Clearence:   2572 mm

Switch off Level:                      3616 mm

Support Arm length min:     770 mm

Support Arm Length Max:   1105 mm

Plate Height min:                    114 mm

Plate Height Max:                   154 mm

Column internal distance:  2862 mm

Motor Size:      2.2 Kw

Electrical Connection:   220 Volt

Lifting Time:       50 Seconds

Prices do not include fitment, transport or electrical connection for this lift.

Please make sure you have a suitable floor and roof height.