Euro 2 – Post Base lift with Mechanical locks 3000 Kg

R 28,950.00 Excl VAT

Euro 2 Post Base Lift with 3000 Kg Capacity. 

Basic 2 Post lift with a base for vehicles and light goods. Unit has a base which enables it to be fitted to restricted roof height and floors which do not allow base free fitment.




Lifting Capacity:  3000 Kg

Stroke:                    1913 mm

Overall height:     2826 mm

Overall Width:     3319 mm

Drive through Clearence:    2460 mm

Support Arm length min:   770 mm

Support Arm Length Max:   1105 mm

Plate Height min:    104 mm

Plate Height Max:    153 mm

Column internal distance:  2750 mm

Motor Size:   2.2 Kw

Electrical Connection:  220 Volt

Lifting Time:   50 Seconds

Prices do not include fitment, transport or electrical connection for this lift.

Please make sure you have a suitable floor and roof height.