Power Probe 3, The Ultimate Circuit Tester 0 to 70 Volts DC Systems, diagnose circuits fast…

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The Ultimate Circuit tester – Power Probe 3

The power probe 3 was designed from the ground up to be a multi-functional electrical circuit tester. From the moment you connect the battery clips, you will have the the ability to….

  • Power up components
  • Measure Voltages
  • Reach bumper to bumper for testing
  • Test for bad grounds..
  • Test for Continuity
  • Indicate Pos / Neg voltages
  • Test relays and more.
  • Watch signal voltages from ECU
  • Watch Injector pulsing
  • ECU safe if no power is fed into the system.
  • Buzzer for voltage and continuity connection.
  • Dual front bright LEDs to light up your working area.
  • Easy toggle switch replacement..

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Power Probe 3:

  • DC Voltage in 1/10th voltage increments from 0 – 70 DC Volts
  • 3 Mode settings
  • Positive red LED
  • Negative Green LED
  • Test for bad grounds