Ultra Tune Inteli Power Probe Version 3 – Dual Switch

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This is a essential tool for every Auto Electrician.

Ultra tune New Version 3 Dual Switch Inteli, power, Test Probe.

This New Version 3 Power Probe has dual switches for current limiting on uncertain equipment being tested. Yes before damaging the items being tested you have the option to only insert the normal 12 Volts but now only putting 0.5 Amps into the item tested. This way limiting also the possible damage.

The Power Test Probe is an indispensable tool for the arsenal of any self-respecting auto-electrician. This electronic tool will help you diagnose and narrow down electrical problems on all modern and old vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, tractors, etc. The Probe also has sufficient cable to ensure that the front and back of the vehicle can be reached without reconnecting. It is also equipped with two super bright illuminations LED’s so that it will never be necessary to work in the dark.
Measuring Polarity.
Inject (supply) Positive Power.
Inject (supply) Negative Power.
Extra Earth Link (2)


Use the probe to instantly check the polarity of wires and connections with the LED on the unit.

Instantly check components for continuity as well as identify positive, negative and open circuits without re-polarizing hook-up clips. Follow and locate shorts without wasting fuses.

  • Polarity Testing
  • Continuity Test
  • Energize Components in the Vehicle
  • Testing Components Out of the Vehicle
  • Short Circuit Protector
  • Twin front clear LEDs for checking in dark under dash areas
  • Ideal for Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks, Trailers and Boats

Auto load trip around 8 Amps and auto reset in seconds

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