VCDS (Known as VAG-COM) Original VCDS with HEX-V2 USB Interface – Enthusiast. 3 – VIN Lock. R 3 250.00 Incl.

R2826,09 Excl VAT

VCDS with HEX-V2 USB Interface – Enthusiast. Three VIN lock..R 3 250.00 Incl.

This ever popular Vw / Audi Diagnostic USB cable is just got better, and the best you get for your money. You still require a laptop or PC to operate this system. This is a Ross-Tech master piece which goes the extra mile. Features on this system, that one would find on the OE equipment.

Won the Autotronic award for the best VAG program in 2015. 


VCDS with HEX-V2 USB Interface – 3 – VIN Lock

Interface enables the enthusiast user, to work on most VAG passenger vehicles, that does not need a special adapter or connector.

Please see the “VCDS Compatibility Charts” for a detailed list of the vehicles covered by this Interface.

Please note only the cable and software is supplied and not the Laptop. You have to supply the laptop to complete the unit.

New, universal replacement for our previous KII, MicroCAN & HEX-CAN series of interfaces. Includes a VCDS software license and the interface you need to connect to our VW/Audi Group vehicles. Limited to either 3 or 10 different vehicles (managed by VINs), this interface and VCDS software turns Windows® PCs into a powerful diagnostic tool for the Do It Yourself Enthusiast.


This option consists of the following:

VCDS with HEX-V2 USB Interface – Enthusiast Version ( 3 VIN Lock )

  • 1 x HEX V2 USB Interface “Hardware Dongle” licensed for VCDS (VAG-COM)
  • This software includes the original VCDS Program.  
  • 1 Year Warranty

This system can do the following:

·         Read Codes

·         Clear codes

·         Basic settings

·         Adaptations

·         Graph values

·         Soft Code Programming.

·         Key coding (If pin is available)

·         OBD scanning on any vehicle, that is compatible.

·         Plus many more features……


  • Fully licensed for VCDS software, acts as the key to unlock the software, no additional software purchase required
  • VAG model year coverage: 1995 – Current model year (including 2016/2017)*
  • Fast Operation – faster on CAN based models than our older generation wired products
  • New Improved car side connector – increases durability and life
  • New Improved detachable/replaceable cable – robust USB A to USB B with a screw strain relief. USB wire has been improved to be more flexible, more durable.
  • New Electronics– incorporates a new microcontroller to allow future expansion of capabilities
  • New Enhanced indicator lamps for wide visibility by the user* not compatible with Routan, Lamborghini or Crafter vans

System Requirements:

A 1.5 GHZ dual core processor with 1 Gb of RAM and Windows 7 or newer (Windows 7 through 10, but not RT) with an available USB 2.0 (or higher) port. Use a machine robust enough to properly support the operating system. Windows running inside a Virtual Machine (for example on a Mac) is not supported.