Truck Diagnostics – 24 Volts

Truck Diagnostics for Commercial Vehicles.

We supply a group of Tested Truck Diagnostic equipment which could include or be extended to include Trailers, Buses and Agricultural equipment. Most kits can be bought with just the communicator or interface and then make up your required cable set. These are operated via Bluetooth and a Laptop is needed to read the diagnostic results. Most of these kits can be upgraded to include other modules.

In our range we have the following in no particular order.

Autocom Truck CDP+ VCI truck interface basic set and complete set..      autocom_logo

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Jaltest Truck Diagnostics with repair Instruction, Wiring Diagrams etc.

Jaltest Trailer Diagnostics

Jaltest Bus Diagnostics                                                                                                     logo

Jaltest AVG Agriculture Diagnostics.

Jaltest Construction Diagnostics

Jaltest Complete Heavy Duty Diagnostics.

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Launch X-431 Pro 3 Ultimate Heavy Duty Diagnostic Kit Complete (Car and Truck Diagnostics) with connectors.

Launch Logo

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Texa TXT’s Truck Diagnostic Interface without standard cable set..        Texa Main Logo


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