Texa TXT’s Truck diagnostics

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TEXA is world leader in TRUCK diagnostics with an unrivalled range of products. The NAVIGATOR TXTs is a powerful diagnostic interface that can connect over a Bluetooth link to a PC or to the extraordinary AXONE 4, the most advanced and complete display unit currently available. The AXONE TRUCK SERVICE tool is destined for use in the scheduled maintenance of TRUCKS, buses and trailers. MULTI PEGASO is the ideal multi-purpose work station for TRUCK workshops too.
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Technical Specifications:

This unit uses a standard PC or Laptop or you can invest in the dedicated hand held unit supplied by Texa. The unit connects via Bluetooth and you can therefore stand outside the truck during diagnostics if required.

A basic kit is supplied with the unit and you can then decide to purchase a complete area kit or just select what is required.

This universal unit can also be used for car, bus, trailer and earth-moving equipment, so all that would be needed is the extra cable sets and the software.