Autodata Technical Information–Diagnostic and Repair –full house version. 1 User Only @ R 56.68 Incl. Per Working Day

R12420,00 Excl VAT

Autodata Technical Information— Diagnostic and Repair.

One month trial version……….. R 299.95 Incl.

For Only R 56.68 Incl. Vat per working day, can you not afford to use it?

 Included the following subjects:

Service Guides:

  • Manufactures schedules.
  • Illustrations. Jacking points, Filling plugs, etc.
  • Indicator reset for dash lights.

Maintenance procedures:

  • Drive belts / chains replacement.
  • Electric Parking brake release.
  • TPMS
  • Battery.
  • Key Programming.

Technical specifications:

  • Tyres, brakes, and wheel alignment.
  • Fluids, lubricants and tightening torques.
  • Fuse boxes and relays.
  • Repair times.

Plus the following extra information:

Vehicle system and repair information:

  • Engine Management.
  • Clutches.
  • Diesel exhaust gas after treatment.
  • ABS / ESP.
  • Airbag.
  • Air Conditioning.

Diagnostic and troubleshooting.

  • Wiring diagrams Complete.
  • DTC (Data Trouble Codes) trouble shooting.
  • Control module pin data.
  • Electronic component locations.
  • Component testing.
  • Known fixes and bulletins.



Please note this is a subscription and runs for 365 days (one year) and then will stop working.

During this year period we will update the data base, on a daily bases.

The program will inform you before your subscription expires.

Only one user password and login for this subscription.