DHC RT002 Digital Battery and Electrical System Analyser. Discontinued model.

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DHC RT002 – Digital Battery and system Tester. Been replaced by the RT003 with stop / Start technology. (EFB)

No longer Available replacement RT003.

Fully electronic battery and system tester which gives you a complete analysis of the vehicles state of health.

Two areas of testing , one being the battery and the other the starter and alternator.

All types of batteries can be tested with this unit.

Big plus factor would be that the battery does not have to be charged for testing purposes.



This battery tester is also a vehicle system tester were the starter and the alternator gets tested within a few minutes.

The CCA is determined by measuring the internal resistance of the battery while putting a 2 amp load on it. Result is given in plain English should a cell be defective.

Full Description

Model Number RT002
Application 6V & 12V Batteries
12V & 24V Charging/Starting System
Operation Range 40 ~ 2,000 CCA (SAE)
Rating System SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, JIS (Battery Type No.)
Voltmeter 1.5 V ~ 30V
Display Back-Lit
Display, 4 Lines 16 Characters LCD with Adjustable Brightness
Test Lead 70 inch/180 cm
Languages English, French, Spanish,German, Italian, Portuguese
Accessories & Features Date/Time Function
Dimension L250 x W145 x H65 (mm)