Brain Bee AC-6000 Plus R134a Air conditioning Automotive regas and recovery unit with printer and data bank

R 43,000.00 Excl VAT

New Brain Bee AC-6000 Plus R134a Air Conditioning gassing and recovery Station

The AC-6000 ECO R134a with printer has been developed to deliver optimum service conditions where space is limited or for servicing on the go. Its low weight of 65 kg, superior manoeuvrability and modern ergonomic design enable air conditioning servicing to be performed anywhere and in the best conditions.



The Easy Service design is a fundamental element of our development strategy, and allows you to perform all service tasks as easier as possible. For example, all solenoid valves are on a single valve block, not distributed all over the unit.

Also note that the mechanical control valves (taps) have been replaced by self-regulating valves in the unit, ensuring simpler and easier use. You would normally only find this in equipment with a higher price tag.


ECO LOCK is a patented feature that enables you to reduce the quantities of gas, ensuring your safety and greatly helping to protect the environment. The A/C station separates the air that normally gets into the refrigerant in the tank when it connected to the vehicle. It then tests the vehicle connections for leaks before the end of the air conditioning service.

Air Purge System:

Automatic monitoring of non-condensing gas, we have special software to ensure that the purging of non-condensing gas is only recommended when actually required. You stay in control of the unit at all times.

Dimensions 532 x 617 x 957 mm (L x W x H)
Weight 65 kg
Reservoir capacity 12 l
Printer Standard with our SA versions

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 532 × 617 × 957 cm