Carbon Zapp fuel injection repair equipment.


From the world of perfection let us introduce you to the ultimate petrol and diesel injection repair systems. Calibration and testing of all injected vehicle injectors..

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CRU.2 Testing Injectors in Auto Mode…Link.


Carbon Zapp is a leading manufacturer in Automotive Injection Service Equipment and Tools.

We are honored to serve our customers with quality products, sales and marketing, state of the art technology, and most importantly, our commitment to customer service.

Carbon Zapp has always believed that the purpose of our business was the understanding of our customers needs. Because we believe our customers are truly our partners in attaining our goals, no request has been too small or too large over past years.

To support that idea, Carbon Zapp has, and will, continue to invest in our greatest plus, our people. This single-minded focus on our customers, and our obligation to a distinct plan, has created the basis for our success.

  • Diesel Injection Systems

  • Petrol / Gasoline Injection Systems

  • Engine Systems

  • Special Repair Tools