DHC Digital Battery Charger / Maintainer, 2 and 12 Amp Switchable, 5 Stage Charging.

R 2,395.00 Excl VAT

DHC SC212PE Intelligent Battery Charger.

2 to 12 Amp, 12 Volt Intelligent Battery Charger / Maintainer.

5 Stage Charging process.

This amazing compact battery charger will enable you to charge and maintain deep cycle batteries. Amps are switchable on the side panel and it will go through the normal 5 stage charging and maintaining. Super fast charging of batteries via the pulsing method.  

This is only a 12 volt charging not able to jump start any vehicles.  All types of batteries are covered SLI / VRLA / GEL / AGM, CAL/CAL and spiral Batteries. Auto Polarity and spark free including over charging protection is built into this unit.



Voltage AC: 220 – 240 Volts AC

Output Current: 2 – 12 Amp Charging.

Applications: 12 Volt —-SLI/VRLA/GEL/AGM, CAL/CAL and spiral Batteries.

Indicators: 2 LED , Green  and Red.

Features: 5 Stage micro processing charging, Auto Polarity, Spark free, Over charging Protection.

Microprocessor controlled 5 stage charging.

Switches to float mode automatically plus speed charge.

Optimizes battery performance and longevity.