Launch X-431 Replacement Connecting Plugs

R 695.00 Excl VAT

Launch X-431 Diagnostic units replacement connection plugs.

Your lost or damaged Launch X431 plugs can be replaced by us so your machine will be complete again.

Launch X431 original and Master and Diagun 2 replacement Adapter plugs from R 495.00 Excl.

Launch X431 Diagnostic Tool replacement plugs.

We have a Large selection of launch X431 replacement plugs for your diagnostic unit.

All original plugs from the factory to replace your damaged or lost plugs.

Prices differ but start from approx R 495.00 Rand excl. Shipment,



Types of plugs in stock:

  • 16c Plug
  • 16E Plug.
  • 16 Smart.
  • 16 Pin Canbus 2  Plug
  • Connecting cables.
  • 3 Pin Honda
  • 22 Pin Toyota.
  • 20 Pin BMW
  • 38 Pin Merc.
  • 14 Pin Merc Sprinter Connector.
  • And Many more…..