Autologic – Ultimate diagnostic tool


Out with Autologic, and In with Launch X-431 PAD 3  for perfection..with programming.

Our range of diagnostics has changed which now excludes Autologic as we can now program with the New Launch Pad 3 version 2……..

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The Launch PAD 3 coverage of all the vehicle manufactures is greater that the Autologic unit, and comes with simple programming features included with its 3 YEAR UPDATES and three year programming features included……  This tool is the closes you will get to a OE or dealer tool.

Key aspects of the Launch is the simplified programming system, which is downloaded from the main server at Launch. Docking station and LAN cables included in your original purchase.

Built to meet the challenges of diagnosing and repairing complex European-designed and Asian cars, the Launch PAD 3 device combines a deep diagnostic feature set with a range of additional applications, including web browser, high resolution stills and video camera, live connection to other garages and technicians and cloud-based vehicle reporting as well as file syncing. This means any full vehicle scan done on any other Launch user around the country, can have their diagnostic report showing on your PAD 3 devise. It is all cloud based and all diagnostics are evaluated by Launch software engineers.

Launch PAD 3  is a Android device platform, which means we can add new technologies and new service providers to the device as they become available, ensuring that your device expands its value to your business over time.

Extensive Support for European-designed and Asian Vehicles

The all-new launch PAD 3 Version 2: Everything you need in one place, from some time back already. Golo is a new type of remote diagnostics platform built to cover your needs from Local Diagnostics to totally remote diagnostics and repair to more complex programming diagnostics work.

It’s the affordable diagnostic repair shop companion that you have been waiting for.


We (were) the Proud official Autologic Distributor for South Africa.