DHC BT501 EV – Digital Battery & Electrical System Analyser with Printer

R 5,295.00 Excl VAT

DHC SPECIALITY CORP has now been in South Africa for 10 years.

BT501 EV Battery and Electrical System Analyser with printer for Deep Cycle Batteries.

The BT 501 DHC is a digital battery diagnostic tester. It is able to test 2 types of lead batteries. It also follows a series of standards, such as SAE, DIN, IEC, EN and JIS.

For its testing range, it has 40 A to 1200 A, 110 A to 670 A, 130 A to 790 A, 180 A to 1254 A and 240 A to 1440 A. It exhibits a tester with patent, due to its measurement of dynamic strength system. The display provides reliable and actual results, not distorted by surface charges, auxiliary consumption and contact defects.

Fully approved by leading global battery OEMs, DHC testers are now also approved by Volvo, the well-known Swedish car and truck OEM.


This battery tester is also a system tester were the complete vehicles electrics are tested within a few minutes. Advantage of this battery tester is that the battery does not have to be completely charged to be tested. Only a small load is put across the terminals and the internal resistance is measured. A printer is included for a hard copy for your customer.

A starter and alternator tester is also included in this unit. So before just changing a battery the complete system can be checked.

This unit does 6 volt and 12 volt systems.

Complete test report printout plus system analysis, including starter and alternator.

Detachable cable for easy maintenance

Multi protection for over voltage or reverse polarity, etc.